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Froch and Johnson make the weight for their fight - 03/06/2011

Carl Froch and Glen Johnson both made the weight ahead of their showdown at the Boardwalk Casino tomorrow night in Atlantic City.

Froch began the day well, with a hearty breakfast with his girlfriend before chilling out for the day with close friends and family, before stepping onto the scales an hour ago and coming bang inside the weight of 168lb at 167.5.

Meanwhile Johnson weighed almost two pounds under the weight limit, surprising many as the veteran has spent the last ten years campaigning at the Light Heavyweight limit of 175lb. Many thought the 'Road Warrior' would be tight at the weight as it was, without giving away two pounds today.

Froch and Johnson both make the weight
Froch and Johnson both make the weight

Froch disclosed he saw Glen all suited-up, pounding the road in a bid to shed excess weight only a couple of days ago, whilst Carl has been on the weight for the last couple of weeks.

Two pounds is essentially a decent meal and a drink which Johnson could have consumed beforehand before stepping on the scales. The fact he has come in so light is perhaps a mishap, that he's likely dried out too far in fear of being heavy.

When a fighter is too depleted, their energy levels drop quickly and this can only be positive news for Team Froch.

The fight will be broadcast live across the states on Showtime and will be live in the UK courtesy of Sky Sports at around 2am onwards for those setting their alarm clocks.